The authors and photographers of flowernotes, Susan Donley and Carolyn Parker are passionate gardeners. Susan came to her green thumbs as a child, beside her father, planting seeds in their San Francisco Bay Area garden. Carolyn’s gardening journey happened by wishing she had one, as a child growing up in Oregon.

The two became friends as young women, thanks to flowers, and they’ve lived only two miles from each other for more than thirty years. Susan’s flower passion resulted in the creation of Florali, a well-known flower shop in Walnut Creek, California. Carolyn fell in love with roses along the way, which resulted in two books – The Poetry of Roses and R is for Rose – and her blog, Rosenotes. Susan's and Carolyn’s passion for flowers has inspired photography, design, a flower-filled lifestyle, and now flowernotes magazine.

flowernotes is a fine art magazine about loving flowers and beauty and sharing that love with family and friends around the globe. It is availabe both as a softcover printed book (which we highly recommend) or as an ebook.